ADS 625 Diagnostic Scan Tool

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ADS 625 Diagnostic Scan Tool


ADS series

Everything you need to diagnose, research, and repair vehicle issues at your fingertips with Bosch's new Automotive Diagnostic Solutions, the ADS 325 and ADS 625.

Engineered and assembled in the USA by Bosch, the new Bosch ADS 325 and 625 are automotive scan tools designed for technicians, by technicians.  Knowing what technicians need to get the job done promises a scan tool that will provide you with the powerful software to diagnose the simple to most complex vehicle issues for the cars and trucks in your shop every day.  Armed with repair information at your fingertips, within the software, and online, there's no limit to the problems you'll solve and the time you'll save.  And with an easy-to-use interface, you won't waste time trying to navigate to find what you need. 

Vehicles are changing.  Diagnostics will become increasingly complex.  At the forefront of vehicle technology, have confidence that with the Bosch ADS 325 or 625 you will be able to diagnose the vehicles that come into your shop today, and tomorrow.  With unmatched service, support, information and people to help you along the way.

Both platforms include Domestic / Asian and European coverage with one subscription.  Go even further and expand your diagnostic capabilities with the ADS 625 with industry leading full-system wiring diagrams and J2534 programming.



Optimizations to the Bosch ADS series software communications and architecture dramatically improve scanning speed performance - touting many of the fastest scan times in the industry. Technicians can now perform all-systems DTC scans on average under 60 seconds. Complete scans take 30 seconds or less for many vehicle year, make and models.  

*Results based on Bosch internal testing representing average scan times of select vehicles across OEM platforms.

Access to FCA Secure Gateway:

Bosch ADS Series tools are licensed by FCA to support secure access to unlock the Secure Gateway Module (SGW) found in late model vehicles - seamlessly and within seconds. Only authorized tools can access functions such as clearing DTCs, bi-directional tests, and calibrations on SGW enabled vehicles. Vehicles with SGW will need to be "unlocked" by an authenticated user and tool with an internet connection. Users can sign-up and register their tools though Auto Authentication Authority. For more information on registration go to

Enhanced European Coverage:

Built with market-leading European ESI[tronic] software coverage, Bosch ADS Series expands its industry-leading vehicle coverage by adding thousands of OE functions for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen – providing in-depth, comprehensive full-system code coverage of Domestic, Asian and European vehicles, systems and special test functions from the world’s leading diagnostic brand.


Bosch ADS Series continues to offer access to Repair-Source, on-tool OEM service and repair information that puts DTC troubleshooting workflows, repair procedures, maintenance schedules, TSBs, OE wiring diagrams, component location diagrams, labor times and more - right at your fingertips without leaving the shop floor. No extra subscriptions or fees to get the information and resources you need.


Compatible with many wireless borescopes, battery testers, NVH analyzers and more.

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ADS tools now come with Bosch Repair-Source, a comprehensive vehicle service and repair information library
Full system coverage for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles covering all makes/models
Auto ID VINs, read all DTC types from all controllers, view data PIDS, perform bi-directional controls, calibrations, resets, relearns provides complete diagnostic needs
Wireless VCI allows for freedom to move anywhere in the bay and stay connected to the vehicle
J2534 pass-thru hardware expands your diagnostics into programming
Industry-leading full color OE system wiring diagram access at your fingertips
On-tool and online repair information: confirmed fixes, maintenance procedures (brake/battery/TPMS/tune-up specs/other), component locations, key reprogramming, TSBs, etc
Fully optimized easy-to-use software and workflows for fast navigation
OBD II cable with light and voltmeter to confirm battery voltage prior to scanning
Ultra-crisp 10" high-resolution display for optimum viewing in all lighting conditions
Front & Rear 5MP Cameras enable photos for sharing and Vehicle Scan Reports
Android 5.0, 64GB SSD, fast processing, printing
Built-in Wi-Fi and Firefox for full browsing capabilties
Docking & charging station included
Compatible with other wireless accessories such as borescopes, battery testers, NVH analyzers and more to enhance your diagnostics
Lifetime Warranty with an active, unlapsed diagnostics subscription
Kit Contents
ADS 625 tablet scan tool
Wireless J2534 compliant VCI
OBDII cable with light and voltmeter
AC power adapter
Docking and charging station
USB Cable



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Software Subscriptions, Upgrades and Accessories

The resources you need to maintain and enhance your diagnostic tools.