BAT 151 Electrical System Diagnostic Analyzer Complete Kit

BAT 151

The BAT 151 is a highly advanced, easy-to-use, and reliable electrical diagnostic tool perfectly suited for today’s modern automotive service center. By combining direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology, the BAT 151 is reliable, precise, and more accurate than the competition.

With the standard integrated printer and amp clamp, the BAT 151 helps technicians make better informed decisions regarding vehicle battery and electrical system issues. Better decisions equals better service. Better service equals better business. Capabilities include: battery testing, starter testing, charging system testing, DMM functions, cable drop technology.


Dynamic Conductance Battery Testing Technology

  • Combines direct temperature measurement with deep scan technology to improve accuracy and decisiveness
  • Advanced preventative maintenance algorithms for identifying batteries as they approach end-of-life


Enhanced Starter Diagnostics Including Optional Amp Clamp

  • Combines voltage drop with amps measurements to fully diagnose all parts of the the starting system
  • Output includes current draw graph and voltage drop graph when using optional amp-clamp


Advanced Electrical System Diagnostics Featuring Digital Signal Processing

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) provides the capability to digitize the measured alternator output voltage and evaluate the spectral content of the signal to provide a detailed and accurate analysis
  • Provides the ability to analyze the amplitude level and frequency of the diode ripple pattern for improved accuracy and identification of open or shorted diodes and open phase conditions


Conductance Cable Verification Test

  • Uses conductance technology to calculate the voltage drop across the positive (+) and negative (-) sides of any circuit and total circuit drop without running the engine
  • Preset tests for battery ground, starter and alternator circuits, and user-defined test are available


Complete Multimeter with Scope Mode

  • AC/DC volts
  • Temperature
  • Ohm Meter
  • Scope
  • Diode test
  • AC/DC Amps
  • Volts/Amps mode


Enhanced Communication Capabilities

  • USB port for expansion/communication options
  • SD card read/write allows for record keeping, data transfer and upgrades


Program Management Tools

  • Password protected administrative mode
  • User ID system to help drive and manage product use
  • Enhanced counters report testing data, including lifetime use, results dispersion, battery tests vs. full system tests, and tests per user


Improved User Interface

  • Large graphical screen, hot keys, and full alpha-numerical keypad
  • Flexible design for mounting to a counter or cart