Driven by Expertise
Professional repair and collision diagnostics from the number-one engineering and technology partner for automakers. Fastest from code-to-fix with more than 30 years of OE-level coverage. Technicians who want coverage and repair information for vehicles they see in the shop every day trust diagnostic systems from Bosch.
More coverage, greater capabilities
Unmatched heavy-duty diagnostics from the Bosch ESI[truck]. Take advantage of more engine and HD diagnostics coverage, bidirectional tests and engine adjustments, wiring diagrams, component info and electrical specs. Request your demo now or enter the sweepstakes to win a free ESI[truck].
New heavy-duty leak testing
Test heavy-duty systems faster with the new HPT 500 high-pressure smoke machine. Produce smoke at up to 20 PSI to fill larger systems faster and quickly test for leaks. Test an entire system in 15 minutes, including exhaust after-treatment systems.