BAT 55 Stable Power Supply Charger

BAT 55

BAT 55 Stable Power Supply Charger provides a clean, reliable power supply for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge during ECU reprogramming service.

As a power supply, the BAT 55 has a virtually noise-free, nominal 13.4 volt DC output as recommended by most vehicle manufacturers for ECU reprogramming. As a battery charger, the BAT 55 delivers current up to the rated value for charging any 12 volt lead-acid battery when voltage is low due to discharge. Once the battery reaches a full charge, the BAT 55 automatically senses the battery condition and reduces current, operating as a regulated power supply.

Other uses for the BAT 55 include use during complex maintenance to sustain any accessory loads or offset any parasitic drain. Also, it can be used in vehicle showrooms or wherever vehicle demonstrations may draw power from the battery.

Essential Features:

  • Advanced switch-mode design
  • Provides a cleaner, more reliable power source than standard battery chargers
  • Fully-regulated DC output prevents overcharging of the battery and precisely maintains the necessary battery voltage during complex service and reprogramming
  • Multiple protection features for a long, trouble-free life:
    • Reverse battery polarity protection via replaceable fuses
    • Brownout input protection
    • Over-current protection; cycle-by-cycle peak limiting and rated current-limiting to maximize the life of the converter
    • Over-temperature protection
  • Quiet, small, and compact for portability
  • Commercial design and heavy-duty internal components ensure years of continuous use
  • High quality, detachable cables for easy field service
  • Protective carrying case for storage or during use