Mastertech VCI Now Supports GM GDS 2 Software

Bosch's Mastertech VCI (M-VCI) scan tool now provides OEM level diagnostics for GM vehicles by supporting the GM GDS 2 application.
GM's GDS 2 program provides authentic OEM diagnostic capability for their newest electronic control units (ECUs) available on vehicles equipped with the Global A network architecture, while the M-VCI utilizes its powerful and feature-rich design to enable multiple vehicle datalink connections necessary for diagnostics on the Global A network. GDS 2 program version v10 required.
GDS 2 features and functions are highlighted here:
  • Module, Vehicle, and System Diagnostics
  • DTC, Identification, and Data Displays
  • Operate Control Functions
  • Perform Configuration and/or Reset Functions
  • Read Vehicle-Wide DTC and ID Info
GDS 2 supports the following GM vehicle makes : Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC
GM TIS subscription for GDS 2 can be directly purchased from the following ACDelco website:  
Here are the instructions for download andinstalling the GDS 2 application on a PC to work with the Bosch M-VCI: