Mastertech VCI Now Supports BMW ISTA Software

Bosch's Mastertech VCI (M-VCI) scan tool now provides support for performing J2534 diagnostic and reprogramming capabilities on BMW and Mini vehicles using BMW’s Integrated Service Technical Application (ISTA) for the aftermarket.
The ISTA program is BMW’s aftermarket diagnostics and reprogramming software that is designed to use the J2534 API interface to provide OEM level capabilities. The ISTA application consists of several functionally oriented system components that communicate with each other, offering various features and functions, through an Internet connected Client/Server arrangement.
ISTA offers powerful BMW and Mini vehicle diagnostic (ISTA/D) and reprogramming (ISTA/P) capabilities, with various options for vehicle identification for highly specific information searches and guided troubleshooting.
Please refer to the BMW Tech Info website for subscription details, service bulletins, information regarding reprogramming/diagnostics, minimum PC system requirements and other details:
For details on how to connect up a Bosch M-VCI to a BMW or Mini vehicle for diagnostics and reprogramming, please refer to the TSB by  clicking here.
Note: Based on a recent update to the BMW ISTA application, it will now work with either the Windows 7 32-bit OS or 64-bit OS.  Due to this update, the BMW ISTA application WILL work on the laptop that comes with the M-VCI Trio kit (F00E900800) which is a Windows 7/XP 64-bit OS.  Please refer to Technical Requirements on BMW website for more detailed system requirements before installation.