Bosch M-VCI Software System Check Utility

Your M-VCI software installation experience will be much more efficient when you run the Bosch M-VCI Software System Check Utility prior to installation.
To make your M-VCI software installation experience as smooth as possible, Bosch has introduced a new utility called the “Bosch M-VCI Software System Check Utility”. This will be available via a DVD that will ship along with any new M-VCI packages. It is also available as a download on the Bosch diagnostics website. Click here to access it. 
Bosch M-VCI Software System Check Utility will need to run before installing any of the M-VCI software components like ESI 2.0, Shop Foreman Pro and M-VCI Software.
The utility will examine your PC for compliance with minimum system requirements and identify any security features that may pose problems during installation. Address warnings and re-run the utility as needed. Click Finish if no warnings remain, or click Continue if warnings remain that you are unable to address. Note that the utility will not prevent you from proceeding with the installation if warnings remain.