10-28 CDR D2M Kit

10-28 D2M Kit includes 11 cables released for CDR Version 1.0 through CDR Version 2.8 

The CDR D2M (Direct-to-Module) Kits are optional kits that include additional hardware not included in the CDR DLC Base Kit or US Accessory Kit. CDR D2M Kits are required to retrieve EDR (Event Data Recorder) data directly from a vehicle's module that contains the crash data.

Supported modules include:  

  • ACM (Airbag Control Module)
  • PCM (Powertrain Control Module)
  • PPM (Pedestrian Protection Module)
  • ROS (Rollover Sensor)

After a severe crash, the vehicle's electrical system may be compromised and data may not be available from the standard vehicle DLC connector. The D2M Kits include cables and adapters to retrieve data directly from the supported vehicle's ACM, PCM, PPM or ROS. 

The CDR DLC Kit is required to use the cable and adapters from the D2M Kits.  

Each cable or adapter included in each D2M Kit is also available for purchase separately.