Flasher Pro J2534 Programmer 
The Flasher Pro J2534 Programmer provides a complete hardware solution to reprogram all J2534-compliant ECU's.

Flasher Pro J2534 Programmer
Part Number: F00E900161

 Mandated for model year 2004 and forward, all manufacturers must provide calibration data for ECU replacement and recalibration. The J2534 Flasher utilizes the manufacturer-supplied calibration files, available on their respective websites, and your shop PC to perform this function right in your shop. Pass-through technology also frees up your scan tool for profitable vehicle diagnostics All makes/models ECU reprogramming using J2534 interface. Fully J2534-1 compliant, including many chassis/body system controllers. Supports many J2534-2 features:

  • Single Wire CAN
  • CAN Mixed Mode
  • A/D Inputs
  • Pin Switching
  • Discovery
  • Extended Pass Thruloctl for Device Configuration Parameters
  • Extended Programming Voltage Support
  • UART Echo Byte Protocol

Requires OE-supplied calibration files available from their respective websites and/or CD.

Price: Please call for pricing 

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