Bosch CDR 

Crash Data Retrieval DLC Base Kit  
Part Number: F00K108943

The CDR DLC Base Kit is an entry level kit which includes most components needed to retrieve EDR (Event Data Recorder) data directly from the DLC (Diagnostic Link Connector) of many vehicles.  Select US and Canada vehicles may require additional hardware sold in the optional US Accessory Kit.  CDR software is sold separately.   

CDR User Guide


Crash Data Retrieval US Accessory Kit  
Part Number: F00K108944

The CDR DLC US Accessory Kit includes an additional cable and vehicle specific adapters for select Ford, Fiat and General Motors vehicles sold in the US and Canada.  CDR software is sold separately.  

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F00K108728 CDR D2M Cable KitCrash Data Retrieval D2M Kits
Part Number: various

  The CDR D2M Kits are optional kits that include additional hardware not included in the CDR DLC Base Kit or US Accessory Kit.  CDR D2M Kits are required to retrieve EDR (Event Data Recorder) data directly from a vehicle's module. 

Supported modules include:  ACM (Airbag Control Module), PCM (Powertrain Control Module) and ROS (Rollover Sensor) modules.

After a severe crash, the vehicle's electrical system may be compromised and data may not be available from the standard vehicle DLC connector. The D2M Kits include cables and adapters to retrieve data directly from the supported vehicle's ACM, PCM or ROS. The CDR unit is not included in the D2M Kit. The CDR DLC Kit is required to use the cable and adapters from the D2M Kits. CDR software is sold separately.

Each cable or adapter included in a D2M Kit is also available for purchase separately.


10-28 CDR D2M Kit
Part Number: F00K108948

Kit includes 11 cables released for CDR Version 1.0 through CDR Version 2.8


30-31 CDR D2M Kit
Part Number: F00K108949

Kit includes 12 cables/adapter released for CDR Version 3.0 through CDR Version 3.1


33-40 CDR D2M Kit
Part Number: F00K108950

Kit includes 14 cables released for CDR Version 3.3 through CDR Version 4.0


50-100 CDR D2M Kit
Part Number: F00K108951

Kit includes 14 cables/adapter released for CDR Version 5.0 through CDR Version 10.0


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Crash Data Retrieval System Software Subscription

A CDR System Software Subscription is required to retrieve crash data from supported vehicles using the CDR system hardware kits.  The software is available in a 1-year subscription period only.  A subscription purchase will allow you to automatically receive all CDR System Software updates released during your subscription period.

The CDR software will be downloaded from the Internet. The software will include an installation program that allows you to install and run the CDR program on one or two PCs in accordance to the End User License Agreement.

Notice about CDR software subscriptions: Software subscriptions may be extended (renewed) only if the expiration date of the current subscription you wish to extend do not exceed two (2)  months from the renewal purchase date. You may only extend a current subscription by a one-year tearm.

System requirements:

Operating System:   US versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit PCs) and Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit PCs)
Hard disk space:   100MB or more
RAM:   256MB or more
CPU:   1GHZ or faster
Video Resolution   1024 x768 or higher

1-Year Software Subscription
Part Number: F00E900038

Price: Please call for pricing 


CDR products are only available for purchase in certain regions of the world:

USA and Canada (sole distributor)

Crash Data Group

Africa (sole distributor)

IbB Engineering GmbH
+49 6534 949930

Australia and New Zealand (sole distributor)

Bosch Diagnostics
+61 3 9544 6222

 Europe and Middle East (two distributors)

IbB Engineering GmbH
+49 6534 949930

asDARTS InH. Andreas Huber
+49 721 68033932 

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