Bosch Diagnostics Introduces New J2534 Reprogrammers 

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 4, 2008 – Bosch Diagnostics is pleased to announce two new additions to its group of J2534 reprogramming products – the Flasher Pro and the Flasher LT. Both products are ideal for aftermarket re-flashing needs where accuracy, efficiency, and productivity are musts in maintaining a profitable and competitive business.

The Flasher Pro (F00E900161) provides ECM reprogramming capability for all makes and models. The Flasher LT (F00E900177) is Chrysler-specific and joins the Bosch family of LT flashers for General Motors, Ford, and various import makes. Whichever Bosch flasher product a shop uses, the customer benefits from having the most current vehicle software for driveability and safety and, of course, the shop benefits from increased productivity and revenue generation.

Flash reprogramming capability has become essential for shops to remain competitive. After the vehicle is shipped from the automaker, ECM software updates are released by the OEM manufacturers to improve emissions, fuel economy, driveability, performance, or to fix specific bugs in the original software that have caused warranty or performance issues. The shop only needs to purchase a software update from the OEM website, download it to a PC, and then use a flasher interface (like Flasher Pro) to reflash the ECM. The updating of OEM software can be a proactive fix because it will often resolve problems that a customer has reported or has not noticed yet.

Bosch Diagnostics has the most extensive line of reprogramming tools, and these two new products – Flasher Pro and Flasher LT for Chrysler – are welcome additions. With more reprogramming choices to help the aftermarket be more competitive with dealerships, shops and their customers are the clear winners.

About Bosch Diagnostics
The Bosch Diagnostics solution includes Diagnostic Tools and Wheel Service Equipment, featuring in-depth software, integrated service information, expert training, technical phone support and quality Bosch parts.

Bosch Diagnostics combines the best of the former entities that comprise it: Vetronix, Beissbarth and Accu-Turn. With the excellence of these product lines combined with the value of the Bosch brand, Bosch Diagnostics is in a class by itself.

Diagnostic tools include scan tools for domestic, Asian and European vehicles, J2534 reprogramming devices, plus scopes, multimeters, and a vibration analyzer. Wheel Service products include a full range of tire changers, wheel balancers and alignment equipment.

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